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TALARIA software updates

A new TALARIA software release is now available.  These are the main upgrades:

Searching on lists improvements:

1- the search box which appears on top of all the request lists now searches a same term in multiple fields: Book/Serial/Article title and Authors. This facilitates quick searching for a reference in Pending requests, Orphaned requests and Archive on the Borrowing and Lending menus.

2 – new “library search” feature in Borrowing. In order to select a lender library from the list of all the volunteer libraries, it is now possible to search a specific library by Library Name, or select a country/institution type/disciplinary sector to filter the library list by country/institution type/disciplinary sector. Besides, if you know the library identifier code (for instance, its ISIL or OCLC code), you can search it by selecting the Identifier type and then input the corresponding Identifier code).

3 – the same “library search” and similar “institution search”  feature is now available on the Community manager user dashboard. This is not available to librarians: the Community manager responsibility is to check new library registration requests and enable/disable libraries and institutions in the community.

Bugs or known problems fix:

4 – a major problem arisen on the RSCVD “Search and Request” home page, where the Search for a reference by entering DOI, PMID or exact title did not work anymore, has been solved. It was caused by an unexpected url change in the OpenAccess Button APIs underlying the search feature.

5 – Home page: the meaning of RSCVD acronym has now changed! it is: RSCVD – Resource Sharing Collaborative and Voluntary Document Delivery

6 – On the Library registration procedure, now the ILL service contacts (email and phone) are mandatory fields and they are correctely saved. ACTION TO BE TAKEN! Since this bug affected all libraries, we would like to kindly ask you to check if the ILL contacts for your library have been stored, and if not, please complete them in this way:
Go to “My Library” menu, then “Library Profile”. Check both:
– Email ILL service
– Phone ILL service
If they are empty, please fill them and then “Submit” the changes. Once you have stored your library ILL service contacts, they will be available to all the other libraries, so they can contact your service in case of need.

7 – All the User Interface translations have been updated: special thanks to our colleagues Carmen Lomba and Ertugrul Cimen for the Spanish and Turkish language assistance!

Please contact us at for any problem or question.