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RSCVD is a Community of volunteer libraries providing high-quality, open and collaborative resource-sharing service to help librarians to ensure universal and equitable access to information


RSCVD relies on a network of volunteers to supply, refer, and manage requests from around the world.

Find out more about joining as RSCVD volunteer or use the RSCVD App to search for a reference, check if an Open Access version exists and request from a library among all the RSCVD volunteers.


RSCVD 4th birthday, April 21st 2024

More and more of you are joining the RSCVD Community (Resource Sharing Collaborative and Voluntary Document Delivery) and so we...
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Document Delivery and Digital Inclusion

Promoting digital inclusion is an essential goal for libraries around the world, particularly so in the fields of resource sharing and...
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TALARIA software updates

A new TALARIA software release is now available.  These are the main upgrades:Searching on lists improvements:1- the search box which...
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RSCVD Steering Committee establishment 

RSCVD Resource Sharing Collaborative and Voluntary Document Delivery is an IFLA initiative, under the auspice of IFLA DDRS Standing Committee. The RSCVD Steering Committee...
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Call for nominations to the RSCVD Steering Committee

If any volunteer of RSCVD, who had participated in the RSCVD initiative for more than 1 year, is interested in participating...
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WLIC Learning Zone: Tooling up for resource-sharing, August 23th

Join Us during the IFLA WLIC Conference, to learn about TALARIA and start being involved as an Early Adopter! WHERE:...
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